Version 1.1 (beta)

"JavaMan" is an Intelegent Java game, just similar to the very famous PC game i.e PCMAN. This JavaMan demonstrating the war between "J" and "M". In this game you can also change the intellegence of the robots, and can set the Level of the game. No Images has been used, hence there is no speed issue and hence loading time is less. You can run it as an Applet or as an Application. This Version of the game is using JDK1.1. JDK1.0 version is also available at

How & What to Play
You can move the the robot by using arrow keys, but be sure that you have pressed the "Play" key. Your target is to replace all the robots by "JOS". You can kill the robots by having Java cup, for each robot killed tou will get one robot replaced with "JOS". But if the robot kills you, your player count will decrease and three "JOS" will be replaced back with the robots, maximum to 16. You can change the intelligence of the robot and the level of the game in option.
Rest of the game is self explanatory.

Copyright ©, Amitabh Ojha and Shailendra Das, 1997.
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